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Boppa PFD

Safe "on your back"



The BOPPA range of PFD's are designed for safety. Comfortable enough for continuous wear and ideal for recreational water sports.

Buoyancy is provided by AIREX flotation foam, the softest on the market, and widely approved as the premium life-jacket flotation foam.

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The safest position to float in the water is on your back, with the head held clear of the water. BOPPA™ provides the correct location of flotation to achieve this. A special feature is also an uneven distribution of foam on the chest area which improves "roll over". This helps to turn the wearer onto their back should they fall in face first.

Boppa products are vinyl-coated and are fuel oil resistant, hard wearing and easy to clean.

Babies have special needs when it comes to PFD’s. There must be no risk of slipping out. The PFD must provide support to the head and neck, and there must be a tendency to float on their back. Again BOPPA meets these needs – the Baby size includes extra straps and buckles which fasten at the back to ensure there is no chance of slipping off. Furthermore, a booster panel is included for extra safety.

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Size Range

S – BABY (0-2yr, <20kg), buoyancy 25N or 5.5lbs

M – JUNIOR (20-40kg), buoyancy 32N or 7lbs

ADULT L (40-80kg), buoyancy 50N or 11lbs

ADULT XL (over 80kg), buoyancy 70N or 15.5lbs

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Our 'small print' is the same size...please read it...
Junior-Adult XL sizes are manufactured in accordance with European specification EN393. All products conform with SA Specification VC8032. Please note the Boppa products are not life jackets. The word life jacket is loosely quoted
, but should really only be used in relation to SOLAS (Safety of Life at Sea) products, which have a huge amount of buoyancy, and are classified in categories up to 275N. These products require high buoyancy to ensure flotation in the worst weather conditions. The Boppa is a flotation aid, or PFD, and as such is not a substitute for conventional life jackets that may be required by law. The advantage of Boppa is it gives enough buoyancy without being restrictive to allow continuous wear in comfort, and in the case of an accident, it will keep the wearer afloat to enable location and quick rescue by an adult or lifeguard.


Boppa Jacket (50N) for kids


Buoy-&-Sea Emergency Flotation
Cushions (50 & 100N models), ideal for boating

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