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SwimEEZY Sun Protection Swim Suits

Our sun protective suits offer maximum protection from the harmful UV sun rays. 

All fabrics conform with independent quality checks by both NATA (Australia) and Cancer Association (South Africa) and are rated UPF50+. This is the highest category of protection, blocking over 98% of harmful UV radiation.

Beware of manufacturers' claiming UVP100 or UPF100 factors. These are in-house standards and are meaningless. Click here to learn more about UV protection factors.

SwimEEZY sunsuits are available in sizes from 1-14 years, in unisex/boys and girls colours.

Other distinct features are the front-zippper, allowing kids to easily get in and out of their suits, rubber zip puller and trendy SwimEEZY branding.

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SwimEEZY sun hats are the perfect match to the sunsuits, offering important head and neck sun protection to sensitive skin areas.

For comfort these hats are 100% cotton, with a towelling sweat-band and adjustable elastic. One size fits 1-6yr olds.

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SwimEEZY Sun Protection Hats


SwimEEZY 2-in-1 Flotation Sun Suit

For 2-in-1 water and sun safety, opt for the SwimEEZY flotation sunsuit. In sizes covering kids 2-6 yrs of age, this is the ultimate combination sunsuit - swimming aid.

Kids are comfortable, and you have the peace of mind that they are getting the best in sun protection and the only CAPFSA-endorsed swimming aid.

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SwimEEZY Rash Tops

Rash tops, or Anti-chafe tops as they are also known, were originally inspired by surfers looking for a product to wear under their wetsuits to prevent chafing.  They are distinguished by their 'inside-out' look, with the seams on the outside (to reduce chafing). Surfers began wearing rash tops on their own for sun protection.  With stunning fabric colours, and contrast stitching, rash tops have now become a fashionable part of beach culture, and are the ideal way for kids to stay protected from the sun.  All fabrics are rated for best sun protection, UPF50+.

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