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The Dangers of the Sun's UV Radiation
How to Protect from Harmful UV
Quality Standards

UV radiation comes in 3 forms, UVA, UVB and UVC.  UVA is long-wavelength UV radiation, UVB is shorter and UVC an even shorter wavelength.  UVC does not concern us as it absorbed by the upper levels of the atmosphere.

UVB is aborbed by the outer layers of the skin, and is what causes us to 'burn'.  It is however not as dangerous as UVA which penetrates deeper, damages cell tissue and is the cause of malignant Melanoma.

For years sun creams only stopped UVB. By relying solely on sun creams, we run the risk of stopping the UVB, staying in the sun for longer because we dont burn as fast, and in the process exposing ourselves more to the worse UVA form of radiation. 

The best form of protection is sun protective clothing, that has been manufactured using textiles that have been independently rated to block out as much harmful UV as possible.

The quality of fabric used is important, but so is the fit.  When buying sun protective swimwear, a fit that is too tight causes the elastic fabric to stretch and let through more UV.  That is why at SwimEEZY our styles are generously cut to ensure minimum loss of protection from stretching.  We may cost a little more you are assured of the best protection. 

Beware of manufacturers claiming 100+ protection.  These are 'in-house' standards, and there is no quality monitoring.   There are no independent standards that offer this factor.

SwimEEZY fabrics are independently tested and approved by CANSA (Cancer Association of South Africa)  to factor 50+, the highest category.  They also meet this category from NATA (Australia).  What this means is that over 98% of harmful UV radiation is blocked.  The 2% that gets through is how the factor 50 is arrived at.  Much like sun creams, a 50+ protection means you can stay in the sun 50 times as long for the same UV damage....50 x 2% is 100%.  That's how the UV protection factor is calculated...a 100 factor does therefore not offer double the protection of a 50 factor!

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